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Clara by Clos Dubreuil, Saint-Émilion


ClaraBordeaux Clairet is a rose from the vines of Saint Emilion meant for the production of Clos Dubreuil and named after the winemaker. This wine is obtained by bleeding off shortly after vatting Clos Dubreuil. By doing so, highly concentrated aromas of red fruits and blackberries are obtained. The juice is then allowed to settle for clarification at 2° C and is filled into 100% new French oak barrels.

Fermentation is carried out at 12° C maximum to preserve the fruity aromas. Clara is then stirred (batonee) every day up to the end of the maturation which lasts 6 to 8 months. This gives the wine an exceptional richness and astounding complexity. Clara is vinified like a fine white wine. 200 cases produced.